Hidden games on google chrome

Google chrome is a free web browser that works on different types of devices like: Android, Windows, Linux, IOS Device, Mac Windows, and many more. Google chrome was create a one of the popular Search engine called "Google". It's been designed to be both simple to use and rapidly faster.
Google Chrome as some key's benefits and features like pages are quick to open and highly fast in loading. And you can make use of it easily, even you can mark so web as favorite, you can make use of it to login your email.
Google chrome web browser is one of the browser i make use of currently everyday becasue it highly rapidly faster. Even, i make use of it to upload to my youtube channel when ever i want to upload video to my channel. Google chrome web browser is based on the open source which is called chromium project. And also Google chrome was released in the year 2008 and some several issues updates a year, Google chrome browser also supports web standards such as HTML5 and cascading style sheets (CSS). So one of the day i am making use of Google chrome suddenly i am out of data so it brings out like this image below here

ohh, i am not happy when i saw this so i mistakly press the space bar on the keyboard. Automatically the icon stand below there started run. So instancy my attention was caught by the game so i started to play this game, and now i am going to show you how to play this game also on your pc. Google make it convinent for everyone making use of it browser to make use of this game.
Step one:
Open google chrome on your Windows, Linux, Mac os, IOS device or Android device. when you open the google chrome
your device must not be connected to the internet connection.
Step 2:
type in any link into the url place, after that press the enter key, automatically whenyou press the enter key it will take you to this place. When you are done with that. Press the space bar, when you press the space bar it will play the game, and you will make use of space bar to play and continue playing the game. I believe this will change your mood when ever you are out of data bundle.
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