How to Extract Zipped folder with winrar

If you don't prefer reading there is a youtube video below under this posts that will show you on how to extract file on winrar, install winrar, and add files to winrar

How to Extract Zipped folder with winrar

WinRAR is Windows version of the RAR archiver - a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files. There are several versions of RAR, for a number of operating environments: Windows, Linux,FreeBSD, Mac OS X.
There are two versions of RAR for Windows
1. Which are Version with "Graphical user interface" - WinRAR.exe
2. Command line "Console (text mode) version" - Rar.exe
Firstly the meaning of the two versions of Rar will be in another posts check it out. Ok to cut the story shot let get started.
Wirar can extract so many file like jar, compressed zip folder, lock folder, and many more.
How to Install Winrar
Firstly download winrar here. Then when you are done with the downloading, double tab on the winrar setup, automatically the system will as you a question to accept then click on yes.
When you click on yes, so the winrar setup will open the installation setup on your desktop.

Then now click on install, when you click on install it will bring out a window then start to accept the terms and conditions. Now you are done with the installtion, let move to
How to extract your file from winrar
The steps that are in how to extract your file from winrar it is highly easy to extract, when you want to extract the winrar file click on the file you want to extract, when you click on it now open the file. When the file is open there are some listed button at the top click on the extract button. Now you are good to go select the destination you want the extracted file to go to, when that is then then click on the ok button.

When when you click ok you are now done with the extraction.
Thanks for reading i hope this my posts is going to help you alot. Thanks for Reading, click on the youtube video below to watch the video on the posts writing above here.


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