How to change gmail account background themes quickly

Hello world, this is T-tech Tutorial Tips here with another quick tutorial tips. How to change your gmail account theme quickly. Because when you have a new gmail account or you are a new user of gmail account. So gmail default themes that always comes with it is just white background, in which you can change in just a simpler way, in which many people didn't detect when they are using there gmail account. But now i will be elaborating it to the world on how you can change your gmail account theme quick and easily. So before we proceed into the process of how you can change your gmail account theme, let check out the advantages of themes of gmail account.
1. It beautifly your account
2. It makes you account look mature
3. It give's your account more preference to make other get interested on gmail account.
4. You can also make use of your own picture as your background themes.
and manymore.
So i don't think there is any disadvantages of using themes on gmail account.
Because you can also keep your document and files on your gmail account. I have just two gmail account on for my blog. And the second of my gmail account i use it for my school project or two transfer data from one places to another. I can even say that gmail account is alo a means of transporting data from one place to another in a jiffy. So just follow the step i will be sharing to you on this tutorial tips topic. So World let get started into the tutorial tips now.
Step 1: You have to login your gmail account into gmail website, then after you have enter your username and password to enter your account then press enter. After that automatically your gmail account will start to be loading.

Step 2: When your gmail account has load finished then it automatically display your gmail account homepage. Then you are almost done with the procedure of making use of themes on your gmail account.

So now this is the themes i use on my gmail account, because basically i use to change my gmail account themes anytime i which. So now just look carefully the the top right corner, there is a setting icon standing. So now click on the settings icon. Then when you have click on the setting icon it will bring out some listed options like (Display Identity, configure inbox and many more. 

Step 3: On the listed option in there click on "themes", then when you click on themes it will pop out  page in which the page contains many types of 3D themes there. Then you can choose any one you like at of all the themes there. And also you can also upload your picture to the themes.

Then after you have selected the theme you want to use on your gmail account or upload the theme you want to use. Then click on the save button. Then when you have click on the save button the themes of your gmail account will change to the selected themes automatically. So I believe this tutorial tips will help the world alot so thanks for reading.

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