How to backup blackberry device files with blackberry desktop software

If you don't like reading, there is a video under this posts that will teach you how to do the steps given in this posts.

Blackberry Desktop Software is a software build by the blackberry device publisher. It is meant to be a software that you can use to resolve any issue you are having with your blackberry device. Blackberry desktop software is a software that features some many tools you can make use to operate your device, like: restore factory setting, backup your blackberry device, turn your blackberry device into internet sharing and many more. Blackberry device software support 32 bit & 64bit computer operating system, and it's works on any of the windows available on your pc.
    So let get started on how to backup a blackberry device files with blackberry desktop software. There are some steps you need to pass through when you are making use of the software on your pc.
Requirement: You need any orginal usb cord
             The Password of your device must be entered

Step 1: Open your Blackberry device software on your pc, when you have open your blackberry device manager on your pc, connect your blackberry device through the usb cord. When you connect your blackberry device through usb cord automatically on your pc screen you will see a window displaying on top of your blackberry device manager, the windows will be asking for you to enter you device password.
Step 2: When you enter your device password it will start to connect at the buttom of the blackberry devie manager. So when it connected you will see the connecting button at the buttom of the blackberry device manager as changed to sync all.

Step 3: You will see the image of the blackberry device you have connect at the middle of the blackberry device manager, now you are almost done. You will see two button beside the image of the connected blackberry device which are: Back up now and Device option, now you will click on backup now.

Step 4: When you click on backup now it will bring out a window at the top of the software and you will set it up as the images as given description.

Then when you you have setup all the details you need to setup for what you want to backup. Now you are ready to go, you can now click on Backup, when the process is done. You are good to go. I believe this post will help you enough on how to backup any blackberry device. If don't have blackberry device manager on your pc click here to download software


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