how to make use of themes on Mozilla Firefox

What is Firefox? In my own understanding I can say that firefox is free web browser that is smaller, Faster and more secure. Firefox gives it user a highly clean interface and very much fater in downloading speeds. And Firexfox Support and works on the Devices Listed here. Windows, Mac, Ios Device's and Android Device.
Firefox allow it's users to install add-ons to simplify certain procedures. Making use of Themes on firefox let you change the appearance of the browser that appears on the top of the browser. So today i am going to teach you how to do that now. Please follow the steps in this image's.
The first step you are going to take is to lauch firefox on you computer. When the firefox is open, then navigate on the menu button, when you navigate on the menu button it brings out  some toolbars like ( signin into a new window, zoom, and add-ons). Then click on the add-ons button. Now you are almost done.  When you click on the ad-ons button it brings out some Listed buttons displayed by the left side of the screen. Now the next step you are going to do is to navigate on the themes button. Now when you navigate on the themes button it will brings out some few themes that are on your Mozilla Firefox.
Now these are the themes that are downloaded to my firefox. Now the next step you are going to do is to click on themes you want to let it to display at the top of your browser. Also if you don't like does themes that are in your browser. There are thousand of free themes that you can make use of. Before you can make use of it you just need to take a step and you will surely get into thousands of themes you can make use of. The step you are going to take if you want to take the choice of themes you want to make use of, you will see a small note at the the top of the listed themes (Looking to personalize your browser). Click on choose from thousands of themes. Wow You are have successfully done with the steps on how to make use of themes on your mozilla firefox web browser. I hope these my posts has help you a lot on how to make use of themes on mozilla firefox web browser. Thanks for reading, give this post a like and comment. If you don't prefer reading there is a video below here that will teaches you how to make use of themes on mozilla firefox. Please Click on the Youtube Subscribe button at your right side top.

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