how to lock a folder with password on any windows

There are several software that you can make use to lock a folder on your computer, and i am going to make use of one of the best folder locker software in this topic. Locking your folder makes you gain your privacy on your computer, because sometimes your brother or your friends may sneak to your computer to see what are your privacy. And here today i am going to show you how to gain your folder privacy on your computer. You may want to lock up all your document, files and folder and the applications. And now i am going to make use of one of the best folder lock software called folder lock.

And firstly i am going to define what is Folder Lock and what you can make use of folder lock to encryte:

Folder Lock is a full-suite data security solution for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (including their 32 and 64 bit variants.) Folder Lock has been the world leader in data protection with more than 25 Million downloads so far. It is the most comprehensive solution for data security available on the internet.
Folder Lock lets you lock, hide and password-protect files, folders and drives with a simple drag and drop. Encrypt your important files optionally backup and sync those encrypted files in real-time, and store them to any portable device.
Folder Lock makes use of a master password to access all its seven (7) features. Lock Files, Encrypt Files, Secure Backup, Protect USB/CD, Make Wallets, Shred Files and Clean History. click here to view all About Folder and it full features.
And now i am going to express it to you on how to encryte your important files with password on your computer. So let get Started

Step 1

Firtly go to your computer, then open your folder lock. If you don't have folder lock software on your computer click here to download
When you are done opening your folder lock, it will ask you to type in a master password and master password means a user-selected password or passphrase that a user sets when he/she first installs Folder Lock. As a result, all administrative rights to the program will belong to the user with the Master Password. Please remember that only the Master Password holder can use the Lock Files feature.
You will have the option to enter your password using the Virtual Keyboard available. The Virtual Keyboard allows you to enter your password without the fear of your password being hacked into by a Keystroke recorder or Keyloggers.
Once you have entered the password to access your Locked files, click ‘OK’ to continue to the Lock Files list.

Step 2

Once you access the Lock Files feature, you will enter a main window showing a list of Locked files.
Please note that this Locked files list will be empty if you are entering the Lock Files feature for the first time. You can add files, folders, drives to the Locking list by simply dragging and dropping them in Lock Files or by clicking the 'Add' button. Additionally, you can also Remove and Unlock or Lock certain items as needed.
Once you enter the Lock Files list window, you can start adding your data for Locking.

Step 3

To add your files, folders, and drives to the Locking list, click on the ‘Add’ button on the top menu. You will then be given a pull down menu with options to add your files, folders, or drives.
To add Files to the Locking list, simply click on the "Add Files" option in the pull down menu, and select your files. You can also select multiple files. Once you select your files, click on ‘Add’.
To add a Folder to the Locking list, simply click on the ‘Add Folders’ option in the pull down menu, and select your folders. Once you select your folders, click ‘Add’.
To add a Drive to the Locking list, simply click on the ‘Add Drives’ option in the pull down menu, and select your drives. Once you select your drives, click ‘Add'.
You can also add your files, folders and drives by dragging them anywhere from your computer and dropping them into the program window. As soon as the selected item is dropped, it gets listed in the Locked items.
Please note that you can Lock and Unlock individual items by just selecting the file, folder or drive and clicking on the 'Lock' or 'Unlock' button. This way, except for the file you selected and performed Locking and Unlocking operation on, the rest of the items in the locking list will remain Locked.
Also note that even though you can add folders and drives containing Locker files (flk, flka, flkb), you cannot add Locker files directly to the Locking list. Furthermore, all restricted files, folders, and drives, as well as System Drives, Virtual Drives, USB Drives, Memory Card, Camera, and any other external drives cannot be added to the Lock list for Lock protection.

download folder lock here

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