How to stop automatic windows update on windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the Microsoft family operating system for personal computer, Tablet, and internet of things device.  
Microsoft release windows 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to windows 8, Microsoft said windows 10 will update in perpetuity rather than release a new, full fledged operating system as a successor. To update from a previous version of widows 10, IT or users run the Windows 10 OS. And windows 10 features so many software like:
1. Xbox 
2. Cortana for desktop
3. Start menu
4. 3D builder
5. Inside Hub
6. Grove Music
7. Mail
8. Maps
9. One drive cloud storage
10. Messaging 
11. One note
12. News 
13. Phone Companion
14. Weather and many more.
But there are some problem people are facing on windows 10, the problem happens to my alot and i have resolve the issue on windows 10, and the issue is whenever  you are connected to the internet facilites, windows 10 start automatic windows update. Let me share you this story that happens to me when i am making use of windows 10. There was a day which i want to make use of my system to browse and i did not have enough data on my sim card, the only data left with me is just 50mb. And i want to browse and facebook on my windows 10. So i just connect my laptop to my moderm, when the moderm is connected to the computer, so sudden i just entered "" to the url place on my google chrome, so sudden i just saw a message that say's that i have make use of your 200mb subscription finished so, instantly i checked the balance remaning on my sim card so i saw the remaning mb is just 0.00 mb so i very sad about that so i know check the notification on the taskbar and i saw a message from windows update that windows update has started. So i now detect that windows update was the one who finished all my data, know i now make many research on how to stop automatic windows update on windows 10. When i got the answered for the research on how to stop automatic windows update on windows 10. I now resolve the issue.
So now i am going to show and express it to you on how to stop automatic windows update on windows 10. Firstly you don't need any requirement all you need is just, to concentrate to this posts. 
Step 1: Click on the start menu then type in windows update then it will bring out some listed answered on the start menu then, click on check for update to check the status of your windows 10 update.

Step 2: Press the start menu one's again and type in "control panel" then it will bring out the search result then press enter on the key board menu to navigate to the control panel search result.

Step 3: Look at the top right of the control panel, then you will see a drop button "category" click on the category 

button then it will bring out just three lists, then click on "large icons" then you will see many listed setting, then in the listed setiting, click on the first setting "Administrative tools", then when you have navigate on the Administrative tools, suddenly you will see  a new window explorer coming up. When the window is done coming up, you will see some tools that are in shortcut, then when you reach that process you are almost done.

 Step 4: When the windows explorer as come up in the listed shortcut below, now click on "services" then you will see a window coming up inform of "device manager services" then click on any of the listed sevices in the device manager services, when you have click on any of the service now press "w" on the keyboard then it will navigate on the "w" listed services then keep on pressing " w" until the services brings out windows update now when it brings out windows update, then press "enter" on the keyboard when you press the enter key it will bring out a small pop-up, then on the small pop-up you will see "startup style and beside it  you will see a dropdown button then click on it then, from Automatic put it to "manual". Now you are done with that, then under the drop down button you will see some button like, start, stop, pause, resume. Then now click on start when you have click on start when you will see a smaller popup loading, then when the loading is done click on apply. when you have apply it will close by it self now you are done. You can now work with internet on your windows 10 without any disturb of windows update. But i am advising you to update your windows 10 sometimes because if you don't do that your windows 10 driver will be outdated.

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