How to make use of 3D themes on windows 10. (Download 3D themes also)

Making use of 3d themes on windows 10 is very simple job to do. And in this tutorial tips, i am going to explain to you on how to install the themes and how to make use of it on your computer. 3D themes make your computer desktop background look very more beautiful, when you make use of the default theme's that comes with windows 10. It fine enough, but you need to make use of 3D themes on your computer so that sometimes, if you are looking at the 3D themes,  you will be very happy looking at your pc.
Now i am going to teach you, how to install the 3D themes and how to make it appear on your deskstop background so let get started. click here to download the 3D themes

Firstly, when you are done with the downloading of the themes. Go to your system download folder then you will have seen the 3D themes already download in your computer, the steps you are going to do before installation is a very simple steps. Firstly when you want to install the themes, go to your download folder, when you click on the 3D themes,it will automatically unpack the themes. Suddenly you will see a windows coming up in the name of Personalization then you will see the themes done and installed then double tab on the themes, instantly you will see the 3D themes will appear on your desktop background.
I hope this posts is going to succour you enough on how to make use of 3D themes on your desktop background, download 3d themes here

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